Billow Bill is a miniature lightning cloud. He wears a thunderstorm crown, has lightning-shaped pupils, and sharp teeth. He is very defensive of the airplane of which he is fought on and always has a trick up his sleeve.

Battle Edit

The battle with Billow Bill takes place in the sky. The player fights him on an airplane.

Phase 1 Edit

Billow Bill Phase1 battle scene enhanced

Billow Bill using his "Electric eyesight" attack in phase 1

"You dare to board this plane? Prepare to feel the pain!" ― Phase 1 Death Screen
In phase 1, Bill is fought on top of an airplane of an unknown name. The player stands on the roof of the plane with Bill hovering above them. In this phase, he moves continuously from left to right and is capable of using the following attacks:

Rainy Day - Bill will release a downpour of rain from below him, sending multiple drops sliding across the ground at a fast rate. In order to dodge these, the player must simply jump over them in time.

Fog - Bill

Phase 2 Edit

Billow Bill Phase2 battle scene

A pelican launching feathers at Cuphead while he battles Billow Bill

"Gas? Liquid? Doesn't matter -- either way, I'll make you splatter!" ― Phase 2 Death Screen

Phase 3 Edit

Billow Bill Phase3 battle scene

Billow Bill attempting to strike Cuphead with lightning while a flame runs across.

"I'm a guardian in the sky -- quite shocking, aren't I?" ― Phase 3 Death Screen

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