Chef Ardeea is a fan made boss.

Appearance Edit

Chef Ardeea is basically Sally's husband but was taken away from The Devil and now looks like this --->.

He has a green face, holds some silverware and hence whats above the husband's clothes.

Behaviour Edit

-- Phase 1 --

"Customer 0! Heres your order!" - Death quote for Phase 1.

He begins nowhere but each layer of his body falls down before he builds up and attacks. He will send out pizza (some are parryable) and Wal-Des to attack Cuphead. He will always dodge Cuphead's actions if holding Knifas. If he is not holding Knifas he is attackable.

When defeated, he will start groaning in agony while grabbing silverware.

-- Phase 2 --

"CUT to the chase! Get it?" - Phase 2.

He stops groaning while using his silverware and laughs sinister.

He will start attacking you with his body layers. He will also gain Forkies to attack Cuphead using red spots. When a Body Layer glows he will start cut off Cuphead's actions on lock using a yellow spot. If he shoots missiles on Cuphead with a green spot and the missiles will shoot in one place.

Once he is defeated, he is neutral but fans emerge from the bottom, leading the player to the 3rd phase.

-- Phase 3 --

"The way you fight is dramatic" - Phase 3

He will appear on the Ardeaa 3000 looking big with an evil laugh.

The Ardeaa 3000 will start using silverware, Wal-Des and Metal Acka to fight Cuphead. Cuphead moves on a flying bridge dodging the silverware. The Wal-Des will run at Cuphead with a red spot on Cuphead. The Metal Acka will transform from pizza to missiles. The Ardeaa 3000 will grow metal arms with Chef Ardeea fighting. Chef Ardeaa will shoot lazers from his eyes with a very bright red spot. The Ardeaa 3000 will grab a Portal gun and will try and make Cuphead die instantly.

Once he is defeated, The Ardeaa 3000 will malfunction with Chef Ardeaa's body layers collapsing off The Ardeaa 3000.

Trivia Edit