Fizzy Popster is a gremlin/goblin-like mad scientist found in Inkwell Isle 4 in Logged Lab.

Appearance Edit

He seems to be a blue gremlin-like creature that appears to be based off of Pop Fizz from the Skylanders franchise. He wears gray pants and sleeves and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

He seems to be quite confident, as throughout the battle he smiles and laughs continuously. He also seems to be quite blunt as in his death quotes he boasts about how his things are good and how they compare against the player(s).

Phase 1 Edit

"My potions are great against you! They're a work of art, that's true!"
Fizzy operates a giant machine that has two primary attacks:

A potion cannon that can shoot three different types of potions: a pink one that can be parried, a green one, and a purple one that grows legs when it hits the ground instead of shattering and spilling its contents. The liquid stays there for a couple seconds and deals damage when stepped on. Note that the purple ones can only be destroyed by being shot by the player(s). The cannon shoots one of each potion three times before the next attack. On expert mode, he does it four times.

A laser cannon activates after Fizzy presses a red button. It is fired two times, the first time, it is a red laser, and the second time, it is notably pink and can be parried.

After enough damage has been dealt, Fizzy will try and operate both cannons at the same time but ends up blowing up the machine and most of the ceiling. Fizzy can be found lying on the ground, dazed afterwards. He finds a potion next to him from the explosion and drinks it and mutates into a huge beast and roars. This commences the second phase of the fight.

Final Phase Edit

"Have a feast with this here beast!"
Fizzy is a huge mutant beast in this phase. He has three attacks:

He goes wild and charges to the left of the stage, wrecking the lab. If the player didn't get run over by him, bits of the leftover ceiling fall down and they probably will hit you. Some of the bits can be parried.

He can breathe out a long wave of fire, damaging the player. He can also jump out of the lab. Shadows on the ground inform you when he will land, and when he does land, he causes a shockwave. He will jump again when it disappears. If he does hit you, it will most likely kill you in one hit. On expert mode, he doesn't wait for the shockwaves to disappear and will just jump again.

After taking enough damage, he shrinks back into his normal form, badly injured, and passes out.