Oysternado is a boss in Inkwell Isle 4. He is located in Hurricane Havoc. He is fought using an aeroplane.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be a living tornado with a black oyster pearl inside of it. The tornado changes shape throughout the battle.

Personality Edit

His personality seems to be quite mischievous, judging from his death quotes. He also seems to be quite confident about the battle because he grins whilst he fights.

Phase 1 Edit

"Watch out, I'm bringing the pain... you better be aware of this hurricane!"
The battle begins as Oysternado emerges from the clouds below. He roars and then starts moving. As he moves, winds will be blown at you. The winds do not deal any damage but push you back towards the left of the stage.

After some damage is dealt, little clouds will rise from below the stage and fly into random positions. If they hit you or do not interact with anything for 3 seconds, they will explode with a "POOF!".

Phase 2 Edit

"This wind is going to get you spun -- can't you tell, a storm has just begun!"
In this new phase, the screen gets darker, and the wind gets more violent. The small clouds from before will still appear, but now they are darker in color, and instead of exploding, four bolts will be shot out from it in a counter-clockwise pattern. One of the bolts will be parryable.

Also, a new minion is introduced; Whipping Whirlers. These anthropomorphic swirls of wind will appear on random locations of the stage, and once they are deployed, they will slowly travel towards you and damage you upon contact.

After some more damage his dealt, the winds will go even faster, and all minions will be deployed faster. On occasion, he'll shoot out a giant bolt of lightning that splits into eight smaller bolts in a counter-clockwise direction when it collides with the player or the edge of the screen.

After enough damage is dealt, he will shrink, and then the tornado will disappear, leaving the pearl floating in midair, dazed and confused.