PurpleDoggo is a boss created by Pupcatdog

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Purpledoggo is a medium sized, light grey poodle with ballet boots on her front legs and a white tip at the end of her tail along with blue eyes. She rides a bone UFO with a red control panel on it.

Personality Edit

Purpledoggo appears to be confident and unable to give up despite fighting with only her fragile body, she growls at Cuphead and Mugman suspecting she wants to protect her territory.

Battle Edit

Intro Edit

Purpledoggo floats into the scene while growling with her bone UFO.

Phase 1 Edit

"I hope you learned your lesson about getting on somebodies territory!"
In her first attack, Purpledoggo will close her right eye while her left eye still open. Her first attack is pressing the lever, the lever will make a booming noise before shooting a bone, more bones will run towards the player. The bones can either be spotted or striped. One of her uncommon attacks that only happens once in the first phase is she will become knocked out, her ballet shoes are vulnerable and they are a good time to parry.

Phase 2 Edit

"Oh dear, I hope it wasn’t your bird-day!"
Purpledoggo will not have any changes to her body, but her attacks change. Purpledoggo whistles and a budgie flies towards the player. Changing directions twice. These budgies will carry bones and drop them at random times. These budgies will keep coming depending on the difficulty. On simple mode, Purpledoggo will cry while a budgie comforts her by petting her with their wing.

Phase 3 Edit

"I am the bird of the herd!"
After taking enough damage, Purpledoggo will transform into a budgie. her ballet boots will be replaced with wings and her fur is turned into feathers. She will squawk up seeds which go in three directions and attempt to slap the player with her wing. After taking enough damage, she will squawk in defeat. Finally giving up.

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